PBS KIDS is the
#1 Educational Media Brand

PBS KIDS provides children with access to what is often their only source of educational TV. Last year, an average of 8.4 million unique visitors came to PBSKIDS.org each month.

PBS KIDS Is A Trusted And
Vital Resource In Preparing Kids
for Success

A recent study confirms that parents overwhelmingly agree
no other television network meets their children's
school readiness needs like PBS KIDS.

PBS KIDS Helps Teach Social Skills

A recent study found that kids who watch DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD learn empathy and other school readiness skills.

Use of PBS KIDS Content Significantly Increases Early Math Skills.

TV Viewing is A Top Family Time Activity

Survey results show that parents want anytime access to high-quality educational content and they rank PBS KIDS as the best use of family screen time.

All U.S. Children

PBS KIDS attracts a higher
proportion of viewers from
Hispanic, African American
and low-income households
compared to their
representation in the U.S.
population. And online,
PBSKIDS.org attracts a higher
proportion of web users of
Asian and African American descent compared to the
average U.S. web audience.

Available for Those Who Need It Most

In rural areas, where millions lack access to high speed internet, television is often the only source of educational programming. The PBS KIDS 24/7 channel will be available to approximately 90% of U.S. TV households by the end of 2017.

PBS KIDS Outranks Other Kids' Programming

A Leading Resource for Educational Programming

The American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines to help families balance media and everyday life, placing greater emphasis on the quality of the media kids interact with, rather than the quantity, and pointing to PBS KIDS as a leading resource for educational programming.

PBS KIDS is the #1 Educational Media Brand for Children

Disney Jr
Nick Jr
Cartoon Network

Over 30 Million Educational App Downloads

PBS KIDS has more than 35 mobile apps available for
iOS, Android and other mobile device platforms,
designed to help kids build literacy,
math, science and school readiness skills and more.

Research Shows that PBS KIDS Content Enhances Kids' Early Literacy & Math Skills:

Naming Letters
Letter Sounds
Stories & Print

PBS KIDS Helps Children Prepare for Kindergarten

PBS Benefits All
American Communities

PBS KIDS Is Designed for the Needs of Today’s Children

Whole Child Curriculum

The PBS KIDS whole child educational ecosystem addresses core needs in areas such as social-emotional learning, math, engineering, literacy and science.

PBS is an Essential
Educational Resource